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I am the Service Manager for an apartment community in Bothell, WA.  We have 500 + apartments here and one of our major challenges has been washer floods.  When we experienced major washer floods on the third story paying a contractor $15,000 to demo and put back together an apartment became routine.


I read an article for flood stop in Handyman magazine, the April 2006 issue.  I decided to give it a try and ordered the water heater model.  I tested Flood Stop for 5 months (stepping on the sensor to see if it breaks, spraying and putting small drops of water on it.)  I experienced no problems with Flood Stop and the project was approved by my manager.  We ordered 500 + water heater Flood Stops a year and a half ago.  Tracking the amount of saved floods, and the dollar value attached, a very conservative estimate shows we have prevented 34 floods, equaling $50,000 in savings.


I have been extremely satisfied with Flood Stop and have decided to install it in my own house.  I highly recommend this clever product!


34 Saved floods!

$176,800 in savings in just one in half years!

If you are not already offering the FloodStop products, I would highly recommend getting more information and checking them out.
I think they are great, and I've learned that almost everyone knows someone that has experienced an appliance flood.  These products are easy to sell!

Gary Bender- Archstone Properties
Bothell, WA
After requesting your discount below, go to the site and pick up a couple units and try them out. 

Automatically shutoff the water supply if appliance starts to leak!

FloodStop units for:  
Washing Machines
Water Heaters
Ice Makers and water filters
Dish Washers and toilets





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